About Campaign

Ageing is a natural part of life. But age, is just a number. As we enter our silver years, we are still very much the person we are, and have emerged even stronger due to our experiences and growth in life’s journey. With a healthy mindset and purposeful living, we can continue to lead healthy and meaningful lives. We want to celebrate our silver years together. Join us in creating a community of supporting our silver generation and embracing our silver years.


Singapore’s first silver hair social media campaign.

Every post hashtag, like, comment will garner a donation of $2.50.

Silver Screen

A special docudrama will be put together to bring you into the lives of our Silver Inspirations. Be a part of this special screening at our virtual fundraising event.

Your Giving Will Help Our Patients

As a charity hospital, most of our patients are lower income. They may have cancer, pneumonia, dementia, stroke, fractures, and may have undergone surgery and amputations. Your giving will help them recover and return home to their loved ones.

Silver Jubilee

Our patients are at the heart of all we do. We have encircled them with our celebrations, hoping to bring smiles to their faces and lift their spirits.