From 1 – 30 June 2023, celebrate positive ageing through art and fundraise for patients with St Luke’s Hospital’s #GoSilverSG Art Collective: An Ode to Silver.

St Luke’s Hospital uses art-based interventions to provide holistic care for patients. This year, our campaign features local artists and partners creating art inspired by ageing. Through weekly giveaways of the art pieces, we seek to spark conversations and challenge stereotypes.

Join the campaign and stand a chance to win one of the art pieces!

What is #GoSilverSG?

Launched in 2021, it is the first-ever ‘Silver Hair’ campaign in Singapore to inspire positive ageing and raise funds for patients at St Luke’s Hospital.

We seek corporate donors to support our campaign. Pledge a donation to help our patients recover, return home, and reintegrate to the community.​

How can I participate?

From 1 – 30 June 2023,

1. Post a ‘Silver Hair’ selfie and tag @slhsgp and #GoSilverSG! Access the filter at @slhsgp Instagram or visit bit.ly/GoSilverHair

2. Stand a chance to win one of the artworks by partnering artists in weekly giveaways on @slhsgp!

How to find our Instagram filter:

Supporting Artists and Partners

(Joyce Orallo-Lim)

In Chokmah we believe in connecting communities through creativity. We believe in the power of art and crafting and how it can empower and inspire individuals. GoSilver is a celebration of ageing and what better ways than using art to signify the beauty of aging as art doesn’t age and in fact gets more appreciated over time – and many times, even beyond the lifespan of the artist who created them. We hope our contribution to this cause via our artwork will encourage everyone to view aging as a rebirth and rejuvenation of life!

(Mavis Lim)

I am keenly aware of the negative stereotypes of ageing. For me, I actually struggle with the expiration mindset of ageing – that ageing will reduce exciting opportunities and be limiting in so many ways. Thus, when I was invited to participate, I was very excited to join because this opportunity can inspire me to look inwards to reflect on what it really means to age and to challenge my own perceptions on ageing. I hope that through my final artwork, people (myself, included) can feel and perhaps, begin to embrace the colourful beauty of ageing.

Isabel Lim

My grandmother took care of me for a big portion of my life. We have a very close relationship, and the love she showed was so important during my formative years. It honestly pains me to see her grow older, but I am learning to see the beauty in aging. I want to appreciate every stage of her life. Thus, I took on this project as a way to celebrate her, and all other elders.

Lee Kow Fong

As we move towards becoming an ageing society, it’s time we start paying greater attention to the needs of our senior community. That’s why I am thrilled to participate in this meaningful event and contribute my art for a good cause. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of ageing and come together to make a positive impact.

The Commandment Co

The Commandment Co is dedicated to giving back to the community while spreading faith and positivity. As part of the campaign, The Commandment Co hopes to encourage everyone to remember to smile at the grays, for God says they are splendid. The team will be creating exclusive designs for this cause, so keep an eye out and join them in supporting this worthy cause. Let us embrace the future, knowing that it is in the hands of the One who holds all things together and that there is beauty in every moment!

Special Thanks

$10,000 donation
$5,000 donation
Almarc Engineering Pte Ltd

Join us in doing good, post your “silver hair” selfie now!

Funds raised through this social media campaign will be capped at the amount pledged by our donors.
You can also make a donation at giving.sg/slh/gosilversg2023.
Your giving will help our patients recover and return home to their loved ones.